HOW TO: Change PHP version on Plesk

Last modified: March 13, 2020
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Change php version on plesk , Plesk has the accompanying PHP versions installed:

  • 5.6
  • 7.0

Follow these steps for changing the Plesk php version to switch between these versions:

  1. Log in to Plesk.
  2. Click Websites & Domains in the left sidebar.
Plesk-Websites & Domains
Websites & Domains

3. Click Hosting Settings:

Plesk-Hosting Settings
Hosting Settings
  1. Choose the version of PHP you wish to use under Web Scripting and Statistics from the PHP support (PHP version) list box:
Plesk-Web Scripting and Statistics
Web Scripting and Statistics
  1. Click OK. The new setting is immediately implemented.
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