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HOW TO : Create DNS Zone in WebSitePanel

Last updated: September 8, 2022
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WebSitePanel: How To Create DNS Zone

1. Firstly, Log into the WebSitePanel control panel system.

2. Secondly, select Domains Under Hosting section.

3. Then, Add a Domain by click on the Domain.

4. Next, click on the Edit DNS Zone Records.

5. After that, add 2 DNS Zone Records for domain name.

a) www record.
Record Name: www
IP: x.x.x.x (May get from your welcome email)

b) domain record.
Record Name: (Leave it blank)
IP: x.x.x.x (May get from your welcome email)

c) wildcard record.
Record Name: * (represent asterisk symbol)
IP: x.x.x.x (May get from your welcome email)

6. Lastly, point your domain name according to the DNS got from the welcome email.

That’s it!

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