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POP3 or IMAP with SSL

Last updated: September 8, 2022
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POP3 or IMAP with SSL

For a secure email connection using SSL, you must replace your normal with the secure server name.

Before adjusting your settings, please read: General Email Settings

Finding the Secure Name

Shared Web Hosting

Look in cPanel’s left hand menu to find the name of your server. If you have Infinity then your secure server name is


Unfortunately, the normal server name cannot be converted to a secure name.

Reseller customers can use the server’s hostname on their account, the secure hostname for the incoming/outgoing certificate domain or in the secure hostname in the shared temporary url. 

The URL would appear as the following:

Secure Ports

Incoming Ports

* Secure POP3 – port 995
* Secure IMAP – port 993

Outgoing Ports

The outgoing mail is always SMTP, whether using IMAP or POP.

* Secure SMTP – port 465

Note: Be sure that your computer’s firewall is not blocking these ports as this can cause the ports to still not work properly. It is not always necessary to use your Internet Service Provider’s settings, but if you cannot send from port 26 or 465, then we suggest you contact your ISP and ask for their outgoing mail server name.

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