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Located in Malaysia, Casbay offers superior connectivity across Asia for their Windows VPS. As cloud computing’s VPS server market in Asia is still in its early stages, many aspiring developers begin writing code and look for a virtual server. A Malaysia virtual windows server is a convenient choice for business owners in Asia and its neighboring regions, as VPS is famous for its exceptional hosting performance.

Casbay’s affordable and reliable Windows VPS hosting services are the ideal solution for your business. We offer a range of operating system templates, including Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2022, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Our flexible package options are designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, enabling you to scale up quickly without worrying about physical IT infrastructure. With dedicated resources at your disposal, start using Casbay’s Windows VPS hosting services today.

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Memory-Optimized VPS Plan

Our High RAM VPS is the ultimate solution for memory-hungry applications, ensuring they run flawlessly. 

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Casbay Flexible and Scalable VPS

Unbeatable VPS pricing for high performance

Our Windows virtual private servers have been optimized by our team of experts to ensure top-notch performance at an affordable price. You have full control over your server and enjoy the flexibility of a VPS while maintaining a secure architecture.

All features in our Windows VPS Hosting

A Flexible Server

Our range of Windows VPS solutions is designed to be flexible and can easily adapt to your project’s changing needs. They’re suitable for a wide variety of business requirements and can be easily customized using the Casbay Control Panel. Plus, you don’t need to provision resources in advance since you can add them whenever necessary.

Dedicated Environment

You have the flexibility to customize your dedicated environment to your liking as the server’s administrator. This allows for easy setup of various services, such as hosting a website or email. Our VPS options are tailored to meet the specific needs of your web projects, providing you with a dedicated server environment that is optimized for performance

Simplicity and Autonomy

One of the advantages of our virtual private servers is their autonomy, allowing you to select from various operating systems and customise them to your preferences. You can also install a web hosting control panel, such as Plesk, to streamline the setup process for your web projects.


Our VPS hosting guarantees high availability and reliability for your websites and applications. The network has low latency, and the hardware is backed by a service level agreement (SLA), ensuring that your solutions are built on a dependable environment.

Backup Option

We offer automated backup options for your server, allowing you to safeguard your data with ease. You can create a snapshot of your VPS at any point in time or store backups in an external storage location using the Casbay Control Panel.

Dedicated IP Address

Our Windows VPS hosting plan includes a dedicated IPv4 internet protocol, which is a premium feature that sets us apart from other hosting providers. Having a dedicated IP address provides you with greater control over your online presence. 

24/7 Expert Solutions

Our server experts stand by you 24/7.  Got questions?  Get in touch with us today.


What is Windows VPS hosting?

The term “VPS,” or virtual private server, refers to a computer that you can use as a setting specifically for your web projects. Because it is scaled to provide the resources you require, it is far less expensive than a dedicated server while still giving you complete control over its management and configuration. The Windows operating  system is pre-installed on our Windows VPS servers when they are delivered. You can still choose an alternative operating system, such as Linux.

Windows VPS hosting is a virtual private server hosting with Microsoft Windows server as an operating system. It comes out ahead in the usability issues, since it has a friendly graphic interface very similar to Windows. 

Why deploy Windows VPS from Casbay?

In order to be as broad as possible, our VPS selection has been carefully created. A growing business may demand more power or storage space. Without needing to supply them beforehand, just head over to the Casbay Control Panel and add the resources you require to your server. In other words, we take care of the availability and hardware of your machine, allowing you to fully concentrate on your main business.

Windows Server, Debian, CentOS, and Ubuntu are just a few of the many operating systems you can select from. For web hosting control panels, you can select between Plesk. As a result of the considerable attention we pay to data protection, we provide backup solutions on a separate storage space.

What versions of Windows Server you offer?

The versions used are Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2022 version. It is an ideal type of service to be used as a server, by reducing costs compared to a dedicated server.

Am I able to upgrade my VPS to higher plans in the future?

Yes. You may upgrade your VPS anytime should the needs arise. Kindly raise us a ticket. Our support engineer will assist you to upgrade your VPS hosting plan.

What are advantages of Windows VPS Hosting?

With Windows VPS you will have a range of options brought by VPS, Windows Server interface is similar to Windows, which is the most common in the world. This will bring you ease of use and compatibility with software. In addition, it will reduce costs compared to a dedicated server and allow you to put multiple information in one place with your VPS.

Is backup service provided in VPS Hosting Plans?

Free backup service is not provided. However, you may add on Disaster Recovery (Veeam) during sign up if you require backup service.

How do I manage my VPS Hosting?

You may access your VPS server hosting using Windows Remote server Desktop Protocol (RDP).

For more details kindly visit our YouTube channel.

Does Casbay provide any money back guarantee?

Yes, Casbay provides 7 Days Full Money-Back Guarantee for our customers. The only exception of not granting a refund request is when the user has done prohibited activities including hacking, spamming, and other activities against our terms of service.

Discover the perfect balance of performance and budget-friendly Dedicated Server plan !
Discover the perfect balance of performance and budget-friendly Dedicated Server plan !