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Best for rapidly growing web development ● High performance Dodeca-Core Intel Xeon Processor ● Deploy Windows VPS hosting Asia instantly

Complete Flexibility with Windows VPS

Look no further! If you are looking for the best Windows VPS server hosting service for your company. We provide powerful and easy-to-use Windows VPS server hosting and very quick SSD storage solutions. No matter what your Windows Server needs are, our multi-functional software package options can be adapted to businesses of any size. If you want to scale quickly without worrying about the physical IT infrastructure, they will be your ideal choice. Casbay ensures the best VPS experience when using our Windows virtual private servers. Order one today and we are deeply impressed by the lightning-fast performance of our SSD Windows VPS hosting in Asia!

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Features in our Windows VPS Hosting Asia

Ultimate hardware & SSD space

With our Windows VPS Server, we offer you SSD Drive which completely redundant and lightning-quick to get the best possible result.

Enterprise Data Backups

Backup and restore all your folders, files and databases with a few simple steps. Similarly, you can backup and restore VPS container via cPanel too.

Processing power to spare

With Dual Hexa-Core Intel Xeon processors, you are bound to have better performance. Besides, you can manage any powerful I/O applications. Furthermore, it keeps your site and server at high speed.

Full Admin Access

You have complete root (administrative) access to the server. Thus, you’re able to host any application the way you want to and manage the Windows Server the way you want.

7 days money-back guarantee

Casbay offers a full package of 7 days money back guarantee, complementary to every VPS hosting plan.

VPS Control Panel

You can now manage your Windows virtual private server easily with few clicks. You can boot, reboot, and reinstall your virtual server simply with VPS cPanel.

Windows Server Operating System

All our cheap Windows VPS hosting plans include licensed Operating System. Therefore, choose your preferred Windows Server version and deploy Instantly. It’s less then a minute.

Dedicated IP Address

One of many premium features is a dedicated IP address. Our Windows VPS hosting plan is fully packed with dedicated IPv4 Internet protocol.

24/7 Expert Solutions

Our server experts stand by you 24/7.  Got questions?  Get in touch with us today.


What is Windows VPS hosting?

Windows VPS hosting is a virtual private server hosting with Microsoft Windows as an operating system. It comes out ahead in the usability issues, since it has a friendly graphic interface very similar to Windows that you already know. Windows Server also has more compatibility with software developed for Windows.

Who should buy Windows VPS?

A cloud based VPS should be considered by any business owner who plans to expand. In addition, any business owner who need specific/custom software to be installed on their server but does not have the financial resources to acquire and maintain a dedicated server should consider a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

What versions of Windows Server you offer?

The versions used are Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows Server 2016 version. It is an ideal type of service to be used as a server, by reducing costs compared to a dedicated server.

Am I able to upgrade my VPS to higher plans in the future?

Yes. You may upgrade your VPS anytime should the needs arise. Kindly raise us a ticket. Our support engineer will assist you to upgrade your VPS hosting plan.

What are advantages of Windows VPS Hosting?

You’ll have a lot of options with a Windows VPS. The Windows Server interface is similar to that of Windows, the world’s most popular operating system. In terms of application compatibility and ease of use, this will make things easier for you. Furthermore, as compared to a dedicated server, it will save you money and enable you to store a range of sources on your VPS.

Is backup service provided in VPS Hosting Plans?

Free backup service is not provided. However, you may add on Disaster Recovery (Veeam) during sign up if you require backup service.

How do I manage my VPS Hosting?

You may access your VPS server hosting using Windows Remote server Desktop Protocol (RDP).

For more details kindly visit our YouTube channel.

Does Casbay provide any money back guarantee?

Yes, Casbay provides 7 Days Full Money-Back Guarantee for our customers. The only exception of not granting a refund request is when the user has done prohibited activities including hacking, spamming, and other activities against our terms of service.