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How to Open a Support Ticket?

Last updated: September 7, 2022
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How To Open a Support Ticket on (Updated)


Before we start to open a support ticket, please take note that:

  • Our support tickets are only applicable for existing members. To register a new account, you must first place an order in Casbay.
  • If you have any problems with purchasing and payment, you can get in touch with our support team instead of heading to the sales and billing department.

Step 1 of 5
Firstly, go to and click Support.

casbay main page

Step 2 of 5
Next, click the Start
Ticket button.

casbay start support new ticket

Start Ticket

Step 3 of 5
Choose the department you wish to contact by opening support tickets.

casbay new support ticket

Choose Department to Contact

Step 4 of 5
Fill in all the required fields in the boxes under
New Ticket and upload your attachment, if you have any. If you cannot get the right verification text, it might be caused by the cache in your browser. Try to clear the cache and come back to try again.

casbay support ticket

Fill in Ticket Details

Step 5 of 5
Submit the ticket and you’re done! 

Extra Knowledge Corner

What are Support Tickets and why do we use it?
‘Support ticket’ is a system that helps to collect and track all the interactions between customers and support representatives. As long as the customer has reached out to the support team, the data along with the interaction will be recorded and logged in the system. The data includes conversations, attachments, issue topics, customer’s details, and so on. 

Using a support ticketing system is a win-win situation as it is beneficial to both customers and the company. The system can improve the customer’s satisfaction. They no longer need to search for information but just open a support ticket and start chatting. These tickets are assigned with different unique reference numbers which can be used to track the history of the interaction between the customers and the support representatives. 

Besides, a support ticketing system is essential for a medium-sized or big-sized company. It brings out a systematic way for the support team to answer questions or solves relating issues faced by the customers. The system can detect similar issue topics along with numbers of tickets with different reference numbers. This decreases the chances of spamming in order to increase the speed and productivity to respond to other customers who are facing other kinds of problems. 

You can contact our support anytime if you face any problem to open a support ticket on our website. They will assist you very soon. 

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