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Protect application, network and infrastructure against DDoS attack.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks pose a significant threat to online businesses, aiming to disrupt services by flooding networks or servers with an overwhelming volume of traffic. Our DDoS protection services are designed to safeguard your digital infrastructure from these malicious attacks, ensuring uninterrupted availability and reliability of your online assets.

What is DDoS? DDoS attack is a cyber attack that attempts to disrupt the normal traffic of server or network by overwhelming with high traffic volume from different sources. DDoS has becoming popular therefore the risk of every organization is increasing. DDoS Protection or DDoS Mitigation protects your infrastructure so that your organization’s revenue and your brand’s reputation will not be affected.

Casbay DDoS Protection ensures your business performance and continuity with 99.9% uptime. We deploy sophisticated mitigation techniques and cutting-edge technologies to detect and thwart DDoS attacks before they impact your operations. Our comprehensive approach includes real-time monitoring, traffic analysis, and swift response mechanisms to safeguard your systems from downtime and potential data breaches.

How does it work?

How DDoS works


We protect your infrastructure by regulating the traffic data transfer rate. If high traffic or data requests are detected, the transfer of data will be limited to prevent server overload.


Traffic that comes into network is analyzed based on profiles, characteristics, and possible denial of service attack methodologies. Also, high traffic volume will be directed to the scrubbing center.


DDoS Mitigation will reduce the high traffic and forwards the clean traffic to your infrastructure with little or no impact to end users when the DDoS attack is detected.

DDoS Protection package for your business

*Attacks were rated before reach our scrubbing centers so actual figures are much higher.

**”n” stands for number of Always-On DDoS Protection devices.


All of our dedicated server and VPS Hosting services come with free Standard DDoS Protection, which handles volumetric attacks up to 5 Gbps. This protects you with a mitigation time of 2-3 minutes and automated e-mail notification is included.

Volumetric attacks
Up to 5Gbps*
Protocol-based attacks
Up to 2.5 million pps
DDoS mitigation time
2-3 min.



Our Advanced DDoS package is designed to handle volumetric attacks up to 10Gbps and protocol-based attacks up to 5 million pps. This package also includes Automated email notification for additional security.

Volumetric attacks

Up to 10Gbps*

Protocol-based attacks

Up to 5 million pps

DDoS mitigation time
2-3 min.


Customize your additional protection according to your traffic patterns to protect you against volumetric and protocol-based attacks (layer 3 and layer 4) of up to 40Gbps, as well as those on the application level (layer 7) with our 24/7 support team.

Volumetric attacks

Up to 40Gbps*

Protocol-based attacks

Up to 20 million pps

DDoS mitigation time
2-3 min.

Always On

The Always On DDoS mitigation protects you against any type of DDoS attacks. This package gives you the fastest possible response to a Layer 3, 4 and 7 DDoS attack, with a mitigation time of less than 90 seconds.

Volumetric attacks

n x 10Gbps**

Protocol-based attacks

n x 6 million pps**

DDoS mitigation time

<90 sec.

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Discover the perfect balance of performance and budget-friendly Dedicated Server plan !
Discover the perfect balance of performance and budget-friendly Dedicated Server plan !