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Select your server and start the Linux VPS Hosting Server installation process with Casbay. Our systems are fully automated, ensuring that your Linux VPS server will be configured and up and running within a minute of payment. Utilize our Malaysia VPS for a scalable local host to manage your business infrastructure or run cloud-native applications. With Casbay’s Malaysia server, you can quickly develop, launch, and expand your applications, simplifying your cloud architecture in seconds.

Enjoy stable and reliable performance with our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) at affordable prices. From entry-level VPS for small blogs and websites to an elite VPS with the ability to host games, choose from our Linux VPS Server plans. Don’t let shared hosting’s mediocre performance hold you back. Get a dedicated environment with powerful processing, excellent storage options, snapshots, and unmetered data transfer with Casbay VPS server. Whether you’re a student seeking practical experience as a systems administrator or a businessperson in need of reliable hosting services, Casbay has the ideal VPS for you to get your projects done.

Standard Linux VPS Plan

Reliable Standard Linux VPS Plans – Optimal Performance, Seamless Hosting.

Linux SSD VPS 1



Linux SSD VPS 2



Linux SSD VPS 4



Linux SSD VPS 8



Memory-Optimized VPS Plan

Our High RAM VPS is the ultimate solution for memory-hungry applications, ensuring they run flawlessly. 

VPS 12/32 GB



VPS 16/64 GB



VPS 20/128 GB



VPS 24/256 GB



Linux Server OS

Start running your VPS on one of these multipurpose operating systems.

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Ubuntu icon
Fedora icon
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KVM Virtualization

If you’re a developer in need of a powerful and versatile Linux VPS server, the KVM architecture is a great option. It offers a wide range of capabilities that are dependable, energy-efficient, and secure. With its efficient memory management, exceptional performance, seamless live migrations, and effective scheduling and resource control, KVM provides excellent scalability and flexibility.

Full Control Of Server

With root access to your Linux virtual private server, you have complete control over its configuration and customization to suit your specific requirements. You can effortlessly install PHP and its associated modules, manage your server’s firewall, and make any necessary tweaks to boost its performance and functionality. This level of flexibility enables you to optimize your server to meet your unique needs and preferences.

High Performance

Achieving top-notch performance is a priority at Casbay, which is why we meticulously assemble and configure our servers. Our VPS servers are equipped with Intel’s next-generation architecture, NVMe SSD storage, and highly resilient infrastructure, ensuring that we meet your specific needs and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Simplicity and Flexibility

Enjoy complete control over your virtual server without any physical limitations with our VPS options. We offer various Linux and Windows operating system choices to deploy, giving you the flexibility to select the best fit for your requirements. Say goodbye to physical constraints and hello to a seamless virtual experience

Backup Option

Take advantage of our VPS backup services to keep your data safe and secure on external storage. With our Snapshot feature, available through the Casbay Control Panel, you can quickly create a snapshot of your virtual server for added peace of mind.


Our VPS solutions are ideal for hosting commercial applications in both production and pre-production environments. With low latency infrastructure and a service level agreement (SLA) guaranteeing hardware availability, you can trust us to provide reliable and consistent service.


What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server hosting, commonly known as VPS hosting, is a separate section of a physical dedicated server that enables users to design their VPS server with their own resources, such as installing their operating system, adding RAM, and allocating CPU to be dedicated to their account. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) may be deployed for websites serving e-commerce, content, or visual material, as well as the development of software programmes. The user receives dedicated resources as opposed to shared resources because the data is segregated onto a virtual machine. The VPS offers dedicated server performance and reliability without the effort of maintaining an actual server’s hardware, making it the perfect compromise between virtual server hosting plans and physical servers.

What are the advantages of VPS Hosting?

With a VPS, you may avoid worrying about hardware management tasks like checking the state of hard drives, RAM, and CPU. They can accommodate the majority of moderately large web projects of all types.
If you wish to implement complex solutions other than web services, design more complex architectures, establish an infrastructure that includes a private network, or handle the hardware yourself, we advise using a dedicated server.
Users who have a rising amount of web activity typically upgrade to dedicated servers or Public Cloud solutions. These services provide more robust, adaptable infrastructures that can handle significant development.

What is Linux KVM VPS Hosting?

KVM VPS , in short for Kernel-based Virtual Machine, is a super effective hypervisor-powered virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions (Intel VT or AMD-V).

Where is my server hosted?

Your server will be hosted in Casbay Tier III Data Center located at Cyberjaya, Malaysia. For more information please visit Casbay Malaysia Data Center.

Which operating system can I run on my server?

Casbay VPS Hosting offers both Linux (CentOS 7, Debian or Ubuntu) and Windows (Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016).

Why should I buy VPS server from Casbay?

If you’re looking for credibility and stability in your VPS hosting provider, know that we’re one of the hosting providers in Asia that offer Linux VPS Server. That means millions of people are trusting their sites and applications on Casbay. We offer high-performance KVM VPS hosting with flexible configurations for every budget, including monitoring, alert tools and expert support.

You also get to choose from Linux or Windows operating systems with optional control panels for the cheap VPS servers. We also offer VPS Management Plan or one-time paid task-based services for those that don’t have the time or skill set to manage their server.

Am I able to upgrade my VPS to higher plans in the future?

Yes. You may upgrade your VPS anytime should the needs arise. Kindly raise us a support ticket or hit the live chat button below. Our support engineer will assist you to upgrade your VPS plan.

Is backup service provided in Linux VPS Hosting Plan?

Free backup service is not provided. You may add on Disaster Recovery (Veeam) during sign up if you require backup service.

How do VPS and Public Cloud solutions differ from one another?

What distinguishes VPS from public cloud offerings?
A VPS is a system designed for pre-production and production settings. A multi-server infrastructure with high server availability is provided by the Casbay Public Cloud. The Casbay Public Cloud services additionally include access to the private network service vRack.

Discover the perfect balance of performance and budget-friendly Dedicated Server plan !
Discover the perfect balance of performance and budget-friendly Dedicated Server plan !