The Strength of High End Cloud Servers and Flexibility of Public Cloud

Best Possible Hourly VPS

Casbay Public Cloud provides a wide range of hourly VPS that are billed hourly. All of your Public Cloud needs can be fulfilled with flexible, scalable and secure Cloud Server. We make deploying, managing, and scaling your cloud infrastructure simple. 

Launch Your Cloud Instance in Minutes

The Casbay Public Cloud provides a wide range of pay-as-you-go cloud solutions. Our solutions are designed to help you with your projects in a straightforward manner — leverage the flexibility of on-demand resources to scale up from small projects to large-scale deployments.

Casbay Cloud delivers fast memory and cutting-edge CPUs to fuel your cloud based server and deliver quick and efficient solutions with low latency. Deploy Casbay Cloud hourly VPS with just a few clicks from the easy-to-use console and rapidly scale up your Cloud Server on real-time demands. Casbay Cloud solutions template comes with a variety of options and solutions to meet all of your cloud requirements. All of our resources are available on demand, giving you complete freedom.



Reserve a pool of resources.

From $14.60/Month

Casbay Cloud Server Features

Expandable Instances

As your business grows and flourishes, so does the need to upgrade your Cloud instance. You can adjust your server's resources such as RAM, Storage and CPU in just a minute, according to your growing business needs.

Top Level Architecture

Casbay architecture gives high performance for every business application, including hardware and software redundancy. Moreover, our elastic compute solutions have comprehensive service level agreements by contract.

Hourly VPS

Get cloud resources with no commitments and no billing surprises. There will be no more pre-provisioning of servers or storage, nor will there be any inactive infrastructures: simply create and delete each item as needed. We only bill users for what you use.

Transparent Pricing​

Projects are created to organise your resources and services. User are able to segment the resources based on the business requirements. Th bill is generated hourly for each project, allowing a simple and clear administration. You can also create alerts and a usage forecast.

Casbay Flexible and Scalable VPS

Casbay Cloud Server Pricing

Our VPS solutions are made to meet all of your requirements and expand as your company expands. Casbay Public Cloud is a low-cost, high-performance platform. The variety of services and the flexibility of resource sizing allow you to manage your usage in the best way possible, depending on your needs. We place a high value on cost transparency. You can upgrade your resources whenever needed without having to deploy new plan. This helps you manage your budget and pay as you go for what you actually use.

Selection of Images (OS) To Deploy Your Cloud Instance

Deploy Cloud Instance with Pre-Installed Software

Business Applications

Enterprise Software as a service (Saas)


High Traffic Web Servers

E-commerce Websites

AdTech and MarTech Solutions

Integrations with Other Tools

Create Your Instance in 3 Easy Steps! Build your Public Cloud instance using our easy-to-use Cloud platform controls.

Build your instance using our easy-to-use Cloud platform controls.

Multi-Region Cloud Deployment

We offer multi regional hosting in 3 regions: MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE AND HONG KONG. Launch your instances in the region of your interest and reap latency benefits and optimized deployment.

Low Latency, Better Routing

We offer multi-region Cloud hosting to minimize user-perceived latencies by connecting users through servers that are closest to their customer base. Low latency connection significantly boosts user experience and simultaneously improves application response time. On top of that, take advantage of our Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network with direct peering with 6 upstream providers.

Data Sovereignty

We understand that some businesses are tied to the policies regulated by governing bodies. Laws commonly mandate that Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) must remain within the region where the business operates. On our Cloud ServerPlatform, you can have a peace of mind knowing that your data resides within the country; secured and protected.


Disaster Recovery Advantage

Leverage on our multi-region cloud deployment to enhance your Disaster Recovery plan as it creates the ultimate form of redundancy by making fewer Single Point of Failures. Deploy your mission-critical resources to the Cloud region that is geographically nearest to you, but also replicate it to another region for an added level of security.

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Discover the perfect balance of performance and budget-friendly Dedicated Server plan !
Discover the perfect balance of performance and budget-friendly Dedicated Server plan !