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HOW TO: Create contacts in SmarterMail

Last updated: September 8, 2022
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How to create Contacts in SmarterMail

1. Firstly, login to SmarterMail account.

2. Next, click on Contacts in the left navigation toolbar. The existing Contacts will be listed here.

3. Then, click on the New button to create a new contact.

4. Next, select and enter a Display Name. Then, enter the First Name and Last Name for this contact.

5. Now enter the Email Address and any other information. 

6. After that, you can continue to edit the information in the Contact Info tab, Work Info tab, Additional Info tab, and the Categories tab.

7. Lastly, click Save button to save this new contact. You can see the new contact listed in the right section.

Read more about how to create contacts in SmarterMail HERE. For more articles, kindly visit our Knowledge Base.

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