Transfer Authorization Code and EPP Code

Last modified: February 10, 2020
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What is the Transfer Authorization Code?

What is the Transfer Authorization Code? Transfer Authorization Code and EPP Code are An Authorization Code that is required (a.k.a. When   moving   domains   from   one   registrar   to   another,   auth   code   or   EPP   key). When   the   domain   is   first   registered,   the   transfer   Authorization   Code   is   developed   and   can   be   acquired   from   the   Registrar   of   your   present   domain   name. Please refer to the following checklist if you want to transfer your domain name to us.

  1. Firstly, please unlock the domain name.
  2. Second, kindly verify that you can access the administrative email address of the
  3. Next, if it is NOT, the admin contact email should be changed to an active email address. The authorization email for the domain transfer will be sent to the fresh admin contact and user is needed to react to an email for activation.
  4. Then, please provide us with the Domain EPP Code for your domain name you wish to transfer to us. User can receive it from the current Domain Name’s Registrar.
What is EPP Code?

EPP code (a.k.a Transfer Secret or Authentication Code) is comparable to a password and is used to authorize the transferring domain name to another. Please give us an EPP Code in order for us to transfer your domain name to us.

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