Self Help VPS Reinstallation

Last modified: March 16, 2020
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Self Help VPS Reinstallation

Self Help VPS Reinstallation, When you ordered your VPS, you selected an operating system (OS) image for initial setup on the server. You can easily change the installed OS image at any time by using VPS Automation Client Portal. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Access to VPS Automation Client Area

2. Click Manage:

SelfHelp VPS Reinstallation-Client Area-Manage
Select Manage


3. Under Controls, click Reinstall.

SelfHelp VPS Reinstallation-under Control-Reinstall
Under Controls, select Reinstall

4. A list of operating system images appears. Select the operating system image you want to install on your VPS, and then click Reinstall.

SelfHelp VPS Reinstallation-OS image list
A list of operating system images appears


5. At the confirmation prompt, click Yes.

6. After a few minutes, the re-installation process finishes and you can log in to the server.

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