IP blacklisted or Blocked by Google / Gmail

Last modified: February 10, 2020
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IP blacklisted or Blocked by Google Gmail

Bounce back email from google:

: host gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com[] said:
550-5.7.1 [124.217.xxx.xxx 1] Our system has detected an unusual rate
of 550-5.7.1 unsolicited mail originating from your IP address. To protect
our 550-5.7.1 users from spam, mail sent from your IP address has been
blocked. 550-5.7.1 Please visit
http://www.google.com/mail/help/bulk_mail.html to review 550 5.7.1 our Bulk
Email Senders Guidelines. 4si26639409pbm.2 (in reply to end of DATA command)


Please make sure that IP blacklisted or Blocked by Google Gmail and not marking your mail as ‘Spam,’ and verify that your affiliates, if you have any, are also following our guidelines.
If you and your affiliates are compliant, then delivery from your domain will improve over time. Please note that we are unable to whitelist specific domains at this time.

a)       mail server:

A mail server is a machine that sends and receives emails. Think of a mail server as a mailman who makes sure messages go to the right place.

b)       domain:

A domain is a name for an IP address and is more commonly recognized as a website or web address. For example, Google.com is a domain.

c)        SMTP:

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a set of standard Internet procedures by which two email providers (ex. Gmail, Yahoo Mail), transfer email messages to one another’s mail servers.

d)       IP address:

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a series of numbers that identifies a digital device such as your computer. They work like your home address–they allow data to arrive at the correct Internet location.

e)       POP:

POP (Post office protocol) is a one-way download of your messages that allows you to access your mail with a mail program like Outlook Express or Apple Mail. It only offers one-way communication, which means that actions you take in the mail program (like marking a message as read) won’t be synced to Gmail.

f)        DNS:

A DNS (Domain name server) is the web service that translates a website’s name to its Internet address.

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