How to setup cPanel in VPS Automation?

Last modified: March 13, 2020
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How to setup cPanel after getting a VPS Automation. 

Upon cPanel license activated by our Engineer, you may proceed to update the IP in control panel for cPanel accounts

Updating the IP address in the Control Panel.

  • To change the IP for the WHM/cPanel follow the below steps.
  • Firstly, now log into the WHM panel using this address: https://new_server_ip:2087
  • Secondly, go to Home>>Main >> Sever Configuration >> Basic cPanel and WHM setup menu and click on All Tab.
cPanel-VPS-Automation-Server Configuration
Server Configuration


  • After that, set up the Shared Internet protocol virtual host, the ‘IP address‘ field is used. Enter the new Internet protocol address in the ‘Basic Config‘ section at that time save the change.
  • cPanel-VPS-Automation-enter new IP address
    Enter new IP address


  • Then, scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes to save the changes.
cPanel-VPS-Automation-Save Basic Config changes
Save Changes

Next, WHM will make the modification and you are done with main IP changes.

cPanel-VPS-Automation-modification IP address
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