HOW TO: Recompile Apache/PHP in WHM

Last modified: March 13, 2020
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Recompile Apache/PHP in WHM

How to recompile Apache/PHP in WHM.

Below are the steps in your cPanel server to recompile apache / php. If you understand correctly, you can use it.

Firstly, log into WHM and navigate to EasyApache4 (Apache Update)

Navigate to EasyApache4

And make sure on the main page ‘ Start by selecting a load profile: ‘ is selected and then click ‘ Start profile-based customisation. ‘

“Start by selecting a load profile” page

Then, on the second page (Apache MPM/Modules), we suggest upgrading to the latest available if no longer already selected. Then click on ‘Next Step‘.

ApachePHP-Apache MPM
“Apache MPM” page

On the third page (PHP Versions) pick the version of php you want, click on ‘Next step‘ if you are unsure.

ApachePHP-PHP versions
“PHP versions” page

On the forth page (PHP Extensions) choose the version of php you want, click on ‘Next step’ if you are unsure.

ApachePHP-PHP Extensions
“PHP Extensions” page

On the fifth page (Ruby modules) skip this if not relevent to your server by click on ‘Next step’.

ApachePHP-Ruby modules
“Ruby modules” page

Please check the changes that you are about to install, upgrade and uninstall.

ApachePHP-7-Check the changes-upgrade-uninstall
Check the changes that about to install, upgrade and uninstall.

Select ‘ Provision ‘ to re-compile from the bottom of the page.

Select ‘ Provision ‘ to re-compile
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