HOW TO: Monitor your server in WHM

Last modified: March 13, 2020
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The basics of tracking your server via WHM will be briefly explained in this article. You will learn how to discover service status, resource use and Apache statistics by following this process.

  1. With WHM opens up, type “status” in the search box with your web browser. This should classify the list into a few items.

    Type “status” in the search box with your web browser.
  2. Click from the list on “Service Status.” This opens the service status page, you can view the different services ‘ status and server information here.

    monitor-server-in-WHM-Step3-Service status
    Service status
  3. If the issue exists, the green checkmark icon becomes a red ‘ x ‘ icon.
  4. Click on “Apache Status” in the list with the same search. This shows you Apache’s current server status.

    monitor-server-in-WHM-Apache Status
    Apache Status

You should now understand how to track the general status of your server and the status of various services by following this tutorial.

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