HOW TO: Install FTP

Last modified: April 3, 2020
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Install FTP

FileZilla is one of the most widely used FTP clients due to its rich-featured and user-friendly interface. You can install FTP and download from their official website, the latest stable version available official website.

Step 1

Open FileZilla, click the File menu, and then click Site Manager.

Step 2

The Site Manager screen will show any existing connections you have set up.

Click the New Site button and type a name to help you identify your FTP connection.

install FTP-New Site
Select New Site
Step 3

Under the General tab enter the following settings:

  • Host: Enter ftp.. For example, if the website you want to upload is enter .
  • Port: Enter 21.
  • Protocol:  From the dropdown menu, select FTP – File Transfer Protocol.
  • Encryption: From the dropdown menu, click Only use Plain FTP.
install FTP-General tab-enter Host, Port, Protocol, Encryption
Enter Host, Port, Protocol, Encryption
Step 4

In the next section, enter the following login details:

  • Logon Type: Select Normal.
  • User: Enter your FTP account username. If you are using your master FTP account, this will be your domain username.
  • Password: Enter your FTP account password.
install FTP-Genral tab-enter Logon Type, User ,Password
Enter Logon Type, User ,Password
Step 5

Select the Transfer Settings tab and select Passive.

install FTP-Transfer settings tab-select Passive
Select the Transfer Settings tab and select Passive
Step 6

Click Connect. You can drag files from the Local Site pane, on the left hand side, to the Remote Site pane on the right, to upload them.


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