How to Connect your Linux VPS via SSH/Putty

Last modified: June 5, 2020
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Step 1. Install Putty

  1. First, open any browser and write down
  2. Download the putty by click ‘here’ button in the ‘Download Putty’ area.
  3. Under the MSI(‘Windows Install’), choose which version(64bit/32bit) that is suitable with your windows. The download will be started.
  4. Open the Putty installer and just click next to finish the installation.

Step 2. Connect to Linux VPS

  1. Open the Putty software.
  2. In the Host Name (or IP address) text area, enter your hostname/IP address.
  3. Choose SSH for the connection type.
  4. And then click ‘Open’. A command prompt will pop up.
  5. The command prompt will show something like “login as: “. Just type “root” and press enter.
  6. And then it will ask for the password. Just type your password and press enter.
    Note: Your password will not appear in the command prompt.
  7. After the process finishes, the command prompt will show this:  [[email protected]~]#
  8. Type “exit” to logout from Linux VPS.


Watch this video for more clear information or click to watch directly on Youtube.

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