Do you support IMAP in Outlook ?

Last modified: April 3, 2020
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Do you support IMAP in Outlook?

Yes, we do support IMAP.
However, Check out the following Microsoft’s KB for the guide on how to set IMAP in your Outlook:

Firstly, E-mail Address box –> Your full email address
Secondly, User Name box  –> Your full email address
Password box –> Your mailbox’s password
Incoming mail server box –>  “mail.”
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) –> “mail.”

In other words, Settings & Configurations for Exchange Server (IMAP):

Server Type: IMAP
Incoming Server:
Incoming Server Port (using SSL): 996

Outgoing Server:
Outgoing Server Port (using SSL): 587 — with TLS/SSL
Account name/User name:
Password: Your Exchange account password

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