HOW TO: Use Plesk Sitebuilder

Last modified: January 31, 2020
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Plesk Sitebuilder is scalable web application designed to create and manage websites. Its tools can help you develop a website with step-by-step wizards.

1. To use Plesk Sitebuilder, simply login into your Plesk Control Panel > Domains > select domain > Web Site > Edit in Sitebuilder.

2. Plesk Sitebuilder requires to open up a new browser window. If you have pop-up blocker activated in your browser, please allow for respective URL or disable the functions to make sure you are able to open the Sitebuilder page.

3. In the Plesk Sitebuilder page, click Start and follow the wizards. Select your website’s type and click Next.

4. Select the Design of your site from available templates. Click Next.

5. In this page (Pages), you can manage your website pages. Kindly select what type of pages, language and structure set you want to have in your site. Once done, click Next.

6. In this page (Edit), you can manage your website contents based on pages you have selected. Using build-in text editor, you can edit the text directly in the . Click Next once done.

7. In this page (Publish), you will publish the website after the site editing has been done. You can preview the site before publishing by simply clicking ‘Preview site’ link. Once the website is published, you can access the your website directly using . Sitebuilder should redirect your website to the newly created site.

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