HOW TO: Optimize table in phpMyAdmin

Last modified: March 13, 2020
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Optimizing your database tables

We will be demonstrating how to optimize your MySQL tables.

Note: Some tables can not be optimized.

1) Log into your cPanel and select the PHPMyAdmin icon.

2) Select the database you wish to optimize.

optimize-table-phpMyAdmin-Select database to optimze
Select database to you wish optimze

3) Select the tables you wish to optimize. Or you can click the select all link located at the bottom of the table list.

optimize-table-phpMyAdmin-Step2-Select database to optimze
Select the tables you wish to optimize

4) Click the “with selected” drop-down menu, and select optimize.

optimize-table-phpMyAdmin-Step4-With selected
Click the “with selected”, and select optimize

5) After it completes optimize you will see the results of it on the next screen.

optimize-table-phpMyAdmin-successful message
Successful message

That’s it! You should see a message confirming the requested operation.

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