HOW TO: Create contacts in SmarterMail

Last modified: February 3, 2020
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How to create Contacts in SmarterMail

To create a new Contact, select the icon for Contacts in the left navigation toolbar

Existing Contacts will be listed here.

We will create a new contact so click on the New button

Select and enter a Display Name

Next select the First Name field

Then enter this contact’s Last Name

Now enter the Email Address for this contact

Enter any other infomation you wish for this contact. We will enter a Home Page

Firstly, Click on the Date Selector icon to choose a date for the Date of Birth

Next, Click on the Contact Info tab to fill in information there

And, Click the Work Info tab

Then, Click the Additional Info tab

Lastly, Click the Categories tab

Now click the Save button to save this new contact

Here we can see the new contact listed

You now know how to create new Contacts in SmarterMail

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