Company Culture

We make you feel home away from home

with our Casbay families.

We are fortunate to have a wide range of cultures and nationalities, thoughts, and life experiences within Casbay. With a strong sense of community, we are free, available, casual and easy-going. Besides, we recruit knowledgeable, imaginative and committed people who have the ability to develop their career with us.

We built this wonderful family vibe together to give us the feeling of being away from home. A personal touch beginning with the interview, meeting the new team with the full contact with the employees. Together with a people-friendly culture, all incentives for personal and professional development would make you want to live with us.

Fun and Pride

There’s nothing better than making your Casbay family celebrate success. We are renowned at the end of the year for our amazing Summer parties and iconic themed party. Hence, to keep the spirit up and going, we have an event that’s ideal for everyone.

Do you think you’ve got a brilliant idea to add to our list? Treat yourself to joining our Fun and Pride squad. We are for a band still down.

Cultural Awareness

For more than 40 nationalities inside Casbay’s foreign subsidiaries and consumers around the world, Casbay’s cultural understanding is of great importance. For instance, in our Cultural Awareness Program, we discuss how culture forms, how we think and behave, and how misunderstandings occur when various cultural patterns are misinterpreted.

Moreover, learning from the cultural context of each other will improve our awareness, interaction and collaboration.

Shaping Our Culture

We agree that the best way to build a vibrant and open business community is from the ground up. For this reason, our 7 core values come from the knowledge and perspective of our entire global team.

Via a series of surveys, seminars and ongoing discussions we shared our thoughts with others and reached the principles we all share and live by


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