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Windows VPS Server for Companies

Is Hosting in Windows VPS Server a Better Choice for Companies?

There are two kinds of hosting for you to host your application or website which are Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting.

There is a distinction of resource allocation between Shared and VPS Hosting. In Shared Hosting, if the limit exceeds, the whole user using the shared hosting will face the limit exceed problem. Windows VPS server is better as it is assigned to a personal limit.

In a security phase, a Windows VPS server is better as a personal security defender can be installed yourself to protect your data. When using Shared server hosting, you may face risk when one site in your server gets into malware.

For the performance of Shared Hosting, only average bandwidth allocates for each application or website and support limited visitor to the platform host. Windows VPS Server Hosting provides sufficient bandwidth which can support more visitors.

Windows VPS Hosting provides more scalability and fits better to huge companies while Shared Hosting has lesser scalability. Shared Hosting has little customization, but VPS Hosting has more access to a resource limit.

Even that Shared Hosting is cheaper compared to VPS Hosting but obviously, VPS Hosting is better in many aspects and the price majorly won’t be a solid problem for companies. Companies can choose to subscript from various types of windows VPS hosting plans that are suitable for their company. Thus, VPS hosting is a better choice for small and large companies’ businesses.

Feel free to read more about the Windows VPS hosting in our Casbay Global Blog and Guide. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.