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KVM VPS Hosting

Do You Really Need KVM VPS Hosting To Get a Fast Website?

Speed, security and reliability of technology improve, become faster and better every year.

Due to the fast speed nowadays, virtual servers have become a reality that is able to transform one machine to operate as multiple servers and the add-ons are totally virtual. Everything runs so fast and more things can be done at once.

How does KVM VPS hosting Work

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) VPS (VPS) work like a dedicated server that exists virtually rather than physically using KVM virtualization technology as a hypervisor to manage and control independent virtual servers that operate from the same root.

It is very flexible that can operate on many operating systems like Linux, Windows and custom operating systems while also secure and efficient at the same time.

KVM VPS hosted websites is faster

If you are using shared hosting, each of the users will compete for the resources for their needs. So everyone will be slow down when too many people try to use the same resource at the same time.

For instance, a bus journey travel time from A to B destination is affected by the number of people get on or off the bus during our journey. It is okay during normal periods but during peak hours the time travel will increase dramatically.

When you‘re using KVM VPS, you will feel that much faster for your website like riding a motorbike that is able to reach your destination without any unpredictable stops that need to be done.

Why speed really really matters

In this digital era, everything has just become faster and faster. People have already gotten used to it so become more impatient compare to the old day. They wish to get the information they want in the blink of an eye. So slow service or timed out issues happen might cause you to lose your business or lose your customer especially websites that have a lot of images will face most probably face this issue.

Besides that, a slow site will also impact your SEO and get a lower rank than deserved.

KVM VPS is very important to get a fast website as it allows your website to be run faster, secure and have a much larger potential audience than any competitor. But your should not overload your VPS in order to enjoy the total advantage of the extra speed that VPS provided to you. Just switch to a better package or plan in order to have more space

You can read more about advantages of KVM VPS to know more and kindly visit Casbay website to view our KVM VPS Plan if you would want to know more.