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run game server in vps hosting

Is VPS Hosting The Right Choice for Running a Game Server?

Day after day, video games are connecting more people from all over the world. People from far corners are now creating their own virtual worlds, full of impulse and adrenaline. With the increase in popularity, gamers are now seeking to build their own game servers. There is only one problem-this can be a very expensive risk. Not only must technology be purchased, but it must also be operated and maintained. It also requires a certain degree of technical proficiency. Is there a more convenient option? For this case, VPS hosting is a good choice for hosting game servers. It provides many benefits, such as full root access, choice between Windows and Linux, good security, quick setup and 24/7 support.

What to look for?

Mass storage

The game server should be able to process and store large data in a short period of time.

Fast processor and enough memory

The game server should have low ping, therefore, it should process data and respond to player requests in split second.

High computing power

This is especially necessary if multiple players access the server at the same time. The server should be able to handle a large number of requests easily.

Strong and stable connection

Any interruption of the connection, even for a few seconds, may result in the loss of key data and user experiences.

Windows or Linux?

Once you choose your server, you have to make a choice on the operating system which is Windows and Linux. Both have advantages and disadvantages.



Fast setup

Fewer default settings

Strongly supported by game makers

High technical requirements for game servers

A closed proprietary software, the Windows code can neither be freely accessed nor be changed

A free open-source system

Only Windows

The choice of the operating system is even wider, you can choose between Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian and more

Purchase of the corresponding licenses is mandatory. If you have purchased a Windows server, by default, you will get a Windows operating system license

Web host providers have the opportunity to provide Linux services at a lower price because there are no licensing fees

Can get strong support from the operating system development team.

Both Ubuntu and Debian are very suitable for beginners, where CentOS is suitable for the experienced user

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