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game vps server

Host video games with a Game VPS

Online video games provide millions of online users with the opportunity to interact in a common virtual world. In order to build a multiplayer game world, game publishers usually provide official public servers. They are a common platform for all players, with established principles-but for those who want to set their own rules and change the game with mods, a private server is needed.


This raises the question of what kind of machine should host online games. The server must be able to provide the best performance that meets the requirements of the game. For avid gamers who want to play the game without exceeding their budget, price/performance is also a decisive factor. Virtual private servers, also known as VPS, meet all these standards at an affordable price and flexible hardware resources.

How do I choose a Game VPS?

First, it’s best to write down the specific features of the game you want to host on your game VPS. The minimum and optimal configuration recommendations are listed on the game publisher’s website. These tips provide information about the number of processors (CPU), RAM capacity, and network bandwidth required to run the game smoothly. It is also important to consider the number of players you wish to host on the server at the same time. If a large number of people are connected at the same time, more resources will be used. Installing mods or extensions can also significantly increase the resource requirements of the server. This is especially true for graphics changes or new features that do not exist in the base game.

Which operating system should I choose for my VPS?

With VPS, you can gain root access to the server so you can configure it freely and adjust it to your needs. 

To get the most out of your VPS, Choose the option between the Windows server and Linux server that you want your environment to be based on. 

However, Linux has a bigger advantage for building video game servers, although both are suitable to build a game server. This operating system is open source and because it is free, you don’t need to pay any additional fees for the license when you rent a VPS. It also benefits from a large community and very detailed documentation for purposes such as creating video game servers. 

Another asset that is particularly valuable to games is the lightness and optimization of Linux. This means you can get higher performance and more available resources so that your games can run smoothly. To make it easier to start your Linux or Windows VPS, we provide a series of pre-installed operating systems.

To know more about our Linux VPS Hosting Plans and Windows VPS Hosting Asia, you can look into our product plans.