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Linux KVM VPS Hosting

10 Things about KVM VPS Hosting that you Probably Don’t Know

Do you know that website is not hosted on a single platform? There is various platform involved. Web hosting has become cheaper as time passed. Now a lot of people are using VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting as it is faster, safer, reliable and efficient. But what is KVM VPS Hosting?

It is a technology where a physical server can become several virtual servers using the virtualization of KVM. This article will discuss 10 things that you probably don’t know about KVM VPS Hosting.

1) What is KVM

KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine. It is an open-source virtualisation technology of Linux. It allows us to control and modify the kernel root node thus enable us to run other operating systems like Linux, Windows and other OS.

2) How KVM virtualization

KVM is hardware virtualization that allows the kernel to operate as a hypervisor. The kernel is operate like a second-level hypervisor as each guest machine has its own kernel. KVM hypervisor running on a server that operates at a device virtualization stage and the central server will control and manage the host virtual machines.

3) Normal VPS vs KVM VPS

KVM VPS has high availability feature than normal VPS. Normally, KVM VPS hosting plan will come with free SSD storage, a very stable system that guarantees a 99.99% uptime response compare to normal VPS.

4) Private ownership

KVM VPS package will normally provide root access that enables users to directly access the server and have full control over the server. VPS using high-end virtualization techniques that are highly secure than shared servers and you did not need to worry about privacy and resource problems that happen in the shared server. It operates just like a dedicated server but at a lower price. You can also personalize your VPS server. Each VPS user will also have their own private IP address.

5) Cost-effective

VPS might be more expensive than shared web hosting but the advantages provided will definitely be worth the price and better than shared web hosting in terms of speed, stability and usability. A Control panel will be provided for you to control and manage your server easily.

6) It is Highly Scalable

KVM VPS plan able to adjust and scale easily. RAM and disk storage space can be changed easily. Other VPS users will not affect your private and personal space as well as your server performance. So select your desired KVM VPS plan according to your requirements.

7) Excellent Customer Support

Most KVM VPS hosting service providers will offer customers 24/7 365 customer service helping you to handle any problem regarding your server. If you have any problem, just contact the technical support via phone, email or Live Chat to solve your problem immediately.

8) Flexible functionality

KVM VPS Hosting is able to provide better performance than other virtualization techniques that cannot provide. It is able to provide users with robust results and trustworthy performance. There is quite a lot of plan for KVM VPS but you should choose the most scalable and flexible option according to your requirements.

9) Virtualization Support

KVM is total virtualization that makes Linux operating system function as a hypervisor. It can be done on any Linux operating system that supports virtualization.

10) Backup Plan for KVM VPS

To make sure your data is more secure, you should try to get a backup plan to prevent any disaster incident that will cause you to lose all your important data. Most hosting providers will have backup facilities for the KVM VPS plan offered.


KVM VPS offers you almost anything that you need for your website at a lower price. If you are considering changing your hosting plan or service, make sure to try out KVM VPS hosting service to gain all those advantages for your business and website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance.