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Why you should make your website more mobile friendly?

Do you ever see a decline in organic website traffic? Are you still using the same old site design which you first launched on your website?

It may be unbelievable, but poor website design may be the main reason why you are losing website traffic. As you know, Google has recently changed its search algorithm to improve the ranking of mobile-friendly sites and penalize other desktop-only sites.

If your website is not properly optimized to meet Google’s mobile-friendly standards, you will put the entire business at risk. So, it is the time to make some changes to improve your website. You can start by optimizing your website for mobile devices.

Below are the few reasons why you should make your website more mobile friendly.

1. Mobile is the future

Your website may have received considerable traffic. You are creating good sales performance, and everything seems to be normal. Therefore, you may be thinking: Why should I change my website design when there seems to be no problem?

Well, maybe you did not realize that mobile devices are gradually taking over the world. In fact, after surpassing desktop devices, mobile devices have become the leader in most internet usage.

In the next few years, everyone will use smartphones and tablets to browse the web. It may be too late to save your business by then. Therefore, please take immediate action to make your website future-proof.

2. Beat Your competitors

The report shows that 62% of companies with mobile-first website design have increased sales compared to those with desktop only websites. Therefore, it is not surprising that 52% of the user claim that they are unlikely to interact with website because of the poor mobile user experience.

By making your website mobile-friendly, you can beat your competitors better and rank higher in Google searches, show the world why your business is more innovative than its competitors and increase sales in the process.

3. Rank Higher On Google

As we mentioned before, Google has now improved the ranking of mobile-friendly sites. This means that whenever a user searches for content on Google, the search engine will display a website which is suitable for mobile device browsing on top of the websites.

If you find that your organic website traffic has declined, this might because of Google updated their search algorithm, by optimizing your website with responsive design, you will be able to recover lost traffic and even get a better ranking on Google.