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server colocation

What is Server Colocation?

All companies have IT hardware that needs to be accommodated. Whether it is a few servers at the corner of the office, many multiple servers or some racks in the communication room. This requires reliable power distribution, cooling systems, and more infrastructure for the server to run optimally. Therefore, the cost of accommodating servers requires a large amount of capital investment, which many organizations simply cannot afford. Therefore many companies turn to host. In this article, we discussed what server hosting means, why it is more cost-effective and how to help you support IT growth.

So, what is server colocation?

The definition of “server hosting” is the process of accommodating an organization’s computing, storage, network, and security hardware in a dedicated data centre owned and operated by a partner. Using a data centre eliminates the need for your business to spend money and resources to install servers on its own premises. You simply move existing equipment into pre-built racks, and the data centre will be responsible for supporting the infrastructure. We will look at some of the infrastructures below.

How much does server colocation cost?

The business goal of hosting is to avoid the upfront capital expenditures of setting up your own hosting facility. This is done by following the OPEX model, which only pays the hosting service provider for the hosting space and services you need. The terms of our escrow contract are flexible. We allow you to rent a space as small as a shared rack, and you can lock up multiple racks in your own safety cage.

According to your needs, you can even have a dedicated private room in the facility. The point here is that you only pay for the capacity you use. Billing is once a month, and you do not need to comply with lengthy contract terms. In addition, as your IT needs grow, your data center footprint can be expanded accordingly. This system saves you from having to pay the upfront cost of expanding your local server room.

Advantages of Server Colocation

   Free up your IT resources: The hosting service provides engineers with the responsibility of maintaining facilities and responding to problems 24/7.

   More cost-effective: We accommodate multiple customers in each data center so that we can spread the cost of maintaining facilities. For you, this means benefiting from economies of scale.

   Provide all infrastructure: The data center provides building structure, power supply, cooling system, generators, CCTV cameras, maintenance engineers and backup servers.

   More reliable: Power outages and network connection interruptions are the main disruptors of IT operations. In business-critical or customer-facing IT systems, any downtime will result in customization and loss of reputation.