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The comparison of Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Since it is not enough to understand the general definitions, we will provide you with a comparison between the two host types to help you better determine which host is best for you.

Safety and performance. No matter what kind of website you have, security is essential. Both hosting types are relatively safe and stable methods for hosting websites, but there are some differences.

With shared hosting, your site may be affected when an error occurs on another site. In addition, if other sites use too much shared bandwidth, your site may slow down. This is especially important if your website has high traffic.

You can avoid this problem by using VPS, because partitioned servers ensure that every website can work properly. However, if you lack the technical knowledge on how to maintain a virtual private server, you should consider which method to choose. If it is not well managed, it may cause many other problems.

Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Characteristic Shared Hosting VPS Hosting
Control Limit you to standardized server settings This may be more convenient for people who do not want to intervene in server management tasks themselves. Grants you root access to the server You can install your own OS and software to optimize site performance and security.
Server Administration no technical maintenance required –        The shared hosting provider will set up the shared server, install and upgrade necessary software like cPanel or hPanel –        monitor the server to avoid downtime and take care of the backend effectively. slightly more complicated –        requires some more advanced knowledge to manage and manage. –        can customize and configure applications and software to improve website performance, provide root access, and allow you to customize the backend as needed.
Scalability For short-term plans or small online websites, shared hosting is a good choice. If your website has high traffic, the overall performance will be more troublesome. allows you to scale quickly and easily, and if you can predict the growth of your site, VPS hosting can be a huge investment for your future.
Pricing Cheaper than VPS hosting More expensive offer more storage space and much more bandwidth when compared to what shared hosting has to offer.


As a conclusion, to choose the best hosting plan, you must know what you expect from your website. VPS hosting provides you with advantages that shared hosting cannot offer. However, there are benefits to both hosting options. Here are some features for you to look:

–        Security and Performance

Shared hosting : sharing space with other users on the server

VPS hosting : more stable and secure but does not require additional technical knowledge

–        Server Administration

Shared Hosting : more suitable for beginners, lack of freedom customization

–        Scalability

VPS hosting : much more future proof than shared hosting

–        Pricing

Shared hosting: Cheaper

VPS hosting : Expensive