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5 Signs You need An Upgrade to VPS

Why do we need to upgrade the virtual host to a virtual private server (VPS)? If your website is running slowly and your website traffic increases, you need to customize the application for your website. The website is paralyzed due to other tenants on the server, and your website may even cause security risks. These are the five common reasons people upgrade their virtual hosts to VPS. Let us review all the instructions in detail.

1. Your website runs very slow

According to Google, a website loading time of fewer than 3 seconds will be considered slow. The more content you add to the site, the slower it will load. At the same time, all plug-ins and widgets that will be used on the website are taken into consideration to enhance the user experience, but, on the other hand, it will reduce the speed of the website.

Try to optimize your website so that it loads as quickly as possible. Find out if anything is taking up your website resources, causing your website to slow down. Since we are optimizing Google’s website loading speed, what is a better tool than using the Google PageSpeed ​​insight tool itself to perform inspections? Another way to improve website loading speed is to upgrade to a VPS instead of continuing to use the current virtual host. Upgrading to VPS will provide your website with better server resources and make it more capable of running.

2. Website traffic increased

As the business grows, the traffic which visits the website will also be affected. The surge in traffic to shared hosting sites can cause your site to be paralyzed, unavailable or slow to load. Especially for companies that carry out seasonal promotions, websites tend to get more traffic during the promotion period. This sudden increase in website traffic usually cannot be handled by a normal shared hosting environment. Each VPS will get a fixed number of resources, so it will not encounter bottlenecks due to the surge in website traffic. Keep in mind that the surge in traffic in other shared hosting neighborhoods can cause the same problems for your website.

3. Need for custom application

Having a template to build a website is quick and easy, but for most businesses that need to customize on their web applications or e-commerce, this is not the case. Shared hosting has limitations for you to create your own custom applications or even install any applications. That is where you need VPS.

VPS allows you to test and try different scenarios or transition environments to understand the environment that best suits your application. In addition, VPS allows you to create a sandbox. A sandbox is a virtual environment used by many companies to build, test, and deploy software before it goes into production. If you need to identify and fix the errors or test the patch, then you shall create a sandbox on the VPS to test and/or simulate everything needed. When you are done, you can easily restore the default settings.

4. Security Concern

In VPS, the website is hosted in its own “virtual” space and compared to a shared hosting environment, you do not have to worry about what your neighbours are doing. VPS is more secure because it provides you with root access, which enables you to implement advanced security measures in a server environment. Your neighbour does not have permission to access the resources or files stored behind the secure partition. VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting usually also come with a dedicated IP address, so while providing security benefits for e-commerce payments, your website is much less likely to be confused by another domain name. Small business owners or organizations can greatly benefit from this type of secure access.

5. Website regularly down

Website downtime can cause huge losses to your business, especially during promotional periods. With VPS, you have defined all memory and bandwidth allocations in the virtual environment. If your website becomes more and more popular, then visitors will not be frustrated by the surge in traffic.

Since your VPS can use its allocated server resources to handle all incoming traffic, it can keep your business running as usual. In addition to traffic, security issues are another common cause of paralysis of your website. If you are using a VPS, you can better control the shared hosting, you can choose to install or update your own software, make backups, customize applications, set up security features to avoid malware attacks, etc. Remember, this is your private server, so you can run any application of your choice at any time.


These are signs that your website tells you that there is a problem waiting to be resolved. If your online business is going through highs and lows, and you need to make quick response choices while increasing power to match demand, then VPS is your ideal choice. Would you rather lose customers due to a bad experience on the website? Or would you rather spend a little investment and upgrade to a VPS to better serve your evolving website? Well, this depends on you.

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