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DNS Flag Day

Are you Ready for DNS Flag Day ?

Are you Ready for DNS Flag Day?
We would like to draw your attention on the DNS Flag Day 2019 which will be in effect starting from 1st February 2019 . Please be informed that domain names resolution will be affected if you are using non-compliant DNS servers and these services may become unreachable, slow to access or intermittently unavailable.

We recommend the following steps to check if you are going to be affected:

  1. If you are running current versions of DNS software on your server(s), then you are unlikely to be affected by DNS Flag Day unless you are using load balancers and/or firewalls that are incompletely/incorrectly configured. If you are unaware of current DNS protocol standards or to check further if your domain will be affected by this change please go to
  2. Test your domains to ensure that your services remain accessible after DNS Flag Day. If the tested domain fails the test, please contact your DNS operators.
  3. DNS server operators, please test your authoritative servers using the same link provided above. If the tested domain fails the test, please update your DNS software to the latest stable version and repeat the test. If they still fail even after the DNS software update, please check your firewall configuration.

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