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dedicated server vs bare metal

Dedicated Servers vs Bare Metal Cloud: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Many people are perplexed by the distinction between Bare Metal Cloud and a dedicated server.

This is hardly surprising given their many similarities. Nonetheless, Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) provides scalability and automation features that traditional dedicated servers do not.

The Primary Differences Between Bare Metal Cloud and Dedicated Servers

  • Server provisioning in the Bare Metal Cloud is automated, whereas dedicated servers require human provisioning.
  • Bare Metal Cloud supports API-driven server provisioning, infrastructure as code, and interfaces with IaC technologies like Terraform, Ansible, and Pulumi.
  • As a result, Bare Metal Cloud servers boot up in under two minutes. Manually configuring a dedicated server, on the other hand, might take several days to weeks, depending on the intricacy of the setup.
  • It is considerably easier to start up identical environments using BMC and IaC tools.
  • You may pay per hour, monthly, or reserve resources in advance using Bare Metal Cloud’s various billing options. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, necessitate the signing of monthly or annual contracts.
  • Despite the fact that both are single-tenant setups, Bare Metal Cloud enables quicker access to cutting-edge hardware. While existing dedicated servers may be upgraded, it is far easier to spin up a BMC instance with the needed settings in less than 120 seconds.

Dedicated Server vs Bare Metal Cloud

There are some significant distinctions between bare metal cloud and dedicated server.

  • API and command-line interface support. API-driven provisioning is one of the key aspects that distinguish a BMC server from a dedicated server. Instead of manually spinning up instances, developers may automate server provisioning.
  • Infrastructure is used to support code. The bare metal cloud allows infrastructure to be treated as code. Using IaC tools, users may automatically set up environments and set up the necessary systems and devices. Reusable scripts save time by constructing the necessary infrastructure. Furthermore, building infrastructure using reusable scripts is the simplest method to assure environment stability and consistency across the DevOps pipeline.
  • The rate of deployment. Because of its interaction with automation tools, a BMC instance may be launched in less than 120 seconds. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, might take anything from days to weeks to set up. When you need to scale up resources quickly, having the ability to spin up instances quickly is critical. The procedure is not only slower without IaC, but it is also more prone to mistakes.
  • Model of billing. The hourly/monthly or reservation paying model of Bare Metal Cloud allows you to use resources as needed without committing to a long-term contract. As a result, you may scale your resources on-demand or save them aside for future use. If you need hosting resources for an extended period of time, dedicated servers include monthly and yearly payment plans.
  • Access to the most up-to-date server settings. If you need servers with cutting-edge technology, it is easier to discover a BMC server that meets your needs and rent it as required. Bare Metal Cloud servers are outfitted with the most up-to-date hardware and storage technologies. Dedicated servers may also be upgraded in terms of resources, but the procedure is time-consuming and costly.