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Our ISP VPS Windows is accessible via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Our ISP VPS allow you to browse the internet like a real person at home from one of these locations.

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If you need a Malaysia residential IP, you’ve come to the right place. Our virtual servers provide an excellent option, assigning you an ISP residential IP that makes your online activity appear as if it originates from a regular Malaysian resident. This cost-effective solution offers privacy and freedom for internet browsing. Access your Malaysia residential Windows VPS easily using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for a smooth and user-friendly experience. 

Malaysia Residential ISP IP VPS Plan

Experience online browsing like a true Malaysian with our secure ISP VPS solution.

Malaysia ISP VPS - Basic RDP

Residential Windows VPS Pricing

$13.59 monthly

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Malaysia ISP VPS - Advanced RDP

Residential Windows VPS Pricing

$23.99 monthly

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Malaysia ISP VPS - Deluxe RDP

Residential Windows VPS Pricing

$47.99 monthly

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Why Choose Casbay's ISP VPS?

Stream Online Content, Anywhere
Stream services and more are accessible in specific regions. To enjoy your favorite movies or TV series from these streaming platforms, you can purchase ISP VPS from Casbay and watch streams online just like a local resident!
Browse the Internet

No matter where you are, you can obtain ISP VPS with residential IP in our available locations to browse the internet without the requirement to physically relocate. Explore websites, participate in social media platforms, and surf the web like a genuine resident.

Trade on e-Commerce Platforms

Use ISP VPS to effortlessly list advertisements, purchase, or vend items on renowned websites market place. This approach enables you to access a fresh customer base without concerns about your geographical presence.

Conduct Local Market Research

Looking to tap into a new market? Begin by conducting local market research. Purchase ISP VPS from Casbay to observe customer behaviour and reactions to the products and services you provide.

ISP VPS with Malaysia Residential IP

Casbay’s ISP VPS with Malaysia Residential IP features a rotating IP address that is assigned to you. The benefit of having a rotating IP address in your residential VPS is its flexibility. While the IP address may change occasionally, typically within a 24-48 hour timeframe, it ensures a fresh and adaptable connection, improving your online experience.

Malaysia Residential IP Address

Malaysia Location

Select from Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022

Local Bandwidth

Windows Remote Desktop Protocol


What is a Residential IP?

A residential IP address, allocated by ISPs to devices like phones or laptops, is recognized as genuine by websites and services, ensuring seamless access. Our residential IP address is dynamic, changing every 24-48 hours, which avoids problems like IP restrictions. This rotation helps users avoid limitations by using different IPs over time. 

How do ISP VPS function?

ISP VPS provide you with a remote computer featuring a residential IP address, enabling you to browse the internet and appear as a genuine Malaysia residential internet user.

Are these genuine Residential IPs or Proxies?

These are not proxies, they are authentic residential IPs provided by our Malaysia local ISP.

Which locations are available?

We offer residential IPs located in Malaysia.

How long will it take for my order to be processed and ready to be used?

We’ll send you an email notification once your order is ready to be use. You can expect a provisioning time of 18-24 hours after your payment has been successfully processed.

Do I need to configure any ports to use this application?

No, port numbers cannot be changed as they are automatically assigned. Our system will assign an available port after payment has been successfully made.

What happens if I exceeded bandwidth usage?

If you use more data than your allocated amount, you won’t experience a complete shutdown. However, your connection speed may be reduced. To continue enjoying high speeds, you can top up your data allowance by contacting our support team. Additional fee will apply for top-ups.

How long does it usually take for the dynamic IP address to change?

The residential IP address changes occasionally, usually within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring a flexible connection that improves your online experience.

Do you offer static residential IP?

Yes, You can refer here to get static residential IP.

Discover the perfect balance of performance and budget-friendly Dedicated Server plan !
Discover the perfect balance of performance and budget-friendly Dedicated Server plan !