How to Change Email Password in VestaCP

Last modified: June 5, 2020
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Step 1. Login to VestaCP

  1. Open any browser on your desktop.
  2. Open your VestaCP link and insert your login details.
  3. Click Log in.

Step 2. Change Email Password in VestaCP

  1. Click ‘MAIL’ on the top of the page.
  2. Then, go to ‘LIST ACCOUNT’.
  3. Go to email that you want to change the password and click ‘EDIT’.
  4. Insert your new password and then click save.
  5. Click the ‘MAIL’ menu again.
  6. Click ‘OPEN WEBMAIL’ and this will lead you to a new page which is Roundcube Webmail login page.
  7. Enter your username and the new password.
  8. If you can successfully login your email account, that shows that your password have been successfully change.

For more information and clearer instruction, watch the video below or click to watch the video on Youtube.

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