AntiVirus: ClamAV

Last modified: February 10, 2020
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User may download for ClamAV for server hosting.
For Windows
– Download the application source code.
For Linux
– Run this command query. $ sudo apt-get install clamav.
For Update ClamAV –> $ sudo freshclam
For scan viruses using ClamAV
$ clamscan OPTIONS File/Folder

If necessary start with root permissions: sudo clamscan.


  • First, to check all the files on the computer, displaying each file’s name:

      • clamscan -r /
      • To check all files on the computer, but only display infected files and ring a bell when found:
      • clamscan -r --bell -i /
      • To check files in the all users’ home directories:
      • clamscan -r /home
      • To check files in the USER home directory and move infected files to another folder:
      • clamscan -r --move=/home/USER/VIRUS /home/USER
      • To check files in the USER home directory and remove infected files (WARNING: Files will be gone.):
      • clamscan -r --remove /home/USER
      • To see more options:
      • clamscan --help
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